About Me

Hello friends, welcome to Old Castle Cottage, my name is Ann. I’ve spent my entire career (39 years in fact!) in the retail industry, specializing in customer service, visual and merchandising. Throughout my entire life I always try to find beauty in everyday things, a trait I learned from my Grandmother. Whether it is adding the right flower to my garden, or the perfect antique to finish a room, beauty is everywhere and I love to share it.

I write the blog with my husband John of 42 years. We have spent the last 10 years renovating, reinventing, and adding character and charm to our 1960’s ranch. I started Old Castle Cottage on Instagram 9 years ago as a way to show friends and family the remodel and this led to my creation of the blog.

My real love is cottage style gardens. I am a hobby gardener who has been gardening for over 35 years. Old Castle Cottage is located in Zone 6B Connecticut. I love the informal design style with a romantic feel that cottages gardens provoke. The gardens are free flowing with no carefully planned organization. I love pastels you will always find pinks, purples and whites throughout my gardens with special accents including some of my favorite antique treasures and birdhouses.

I hope I inspire you to plant that garden you’ve been dreaming about, host a party for your loves ones, or just enjoy the blog!

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